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This August IDEA and the National University of Ireland, Galway will host 250 young people from over 40 countries at the 19th Global Youth Forum.


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7 Jul 2012
Team Pakistan, Zainab Hameed, Azeem Liaquaat and Ahmed Shujjan, won the Karl Popper Debate Championship against team Korea, Yoonjoe Sul, Peter Kim and Korea...
6 Jul 2012
Tony looks back at the past few days and tells us what happened at KPDC 2012. Follow the final tomorrow online through our livestream or on our Twitter hashtag...
5 Jul 2012
After four exciting debates, USA AHL, Pakistan, Team Senorita and Korea are in the semi-finals of this year's Karl Popper Debate Championship. The results were...
5 Jul 2012
After facing Lithuania team in the octofinals, Mexico participants were defeated debating the topic: “All the terrorist suspects should be judged by...
5 Jul 2012
Periódico CORREO“The young people are debating to change the world”
5 Jul 2012
After a rough day, the six rounds of the  Karl Popper Debate Championship ended.
5 Jul 2012
TV4 Guanajuato featured the IDEA Youth Forum in their daily evening news program. You can watch the video here in Spanish.
5 Jul 2012
After the octofinals, teams USA AHL, YOLO, Pakistan, Lithuania, Japan, Senorita, Korea and Estonia are still in the competition. Here are the results: