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This August IDEA and the National University of Ireland, Galway will host 250 young people from over 40 countries at the 19th Global Youth Forum.


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5 Jul 2012
The break rounds of the Karl Popper Debate Championship start today here at the 18th IDEA Youth Forum. Octofinals, quarterfinals and semifinals are going to...
4 Jul 2012
We have been posting the photos our media team is taking here in Mexico on our Flickr account. Here's all of our Forum photos up to now!
4 Jul 2012
The Youth Forum's Country Night, one of our long-standing traditions, is taking place tomorrow evening. Every one of the over 45 countries in attendance...
4 Jul 2012
Chris Baugh discusses case building on ethnic profiling with a group of International New Debaters track participants.  Chris Baugh is a programme...
4 Jul 2012
Tony interviews Ricardo Viramontes, one of the participants of the International New Debaters track.
4 Jul 2012
The IDEA Youth Forum is in México and it has been covered by the most important local newspapers. It was announced on the first page of the AM, while local...
4 Jul 2012
The Karl Popper Debate Championship theme for this year is Securing liberty. There are two prepared motions (topics) for the competition: “State-sanctioned...
4 Jul 2012
We have opened four livestreaming channels for the Youth Forum. These are the debates we are streaming at the moment: