Coaches and Judges Track

Become a better coach and judge under the supervision of experienced trainers!

This track helps experienced debaters transition into being coaches, judges, trainers or debate program developers. It will also help the current coaches become even better in their teaching, coaching, judging and leadership skills. Participants will acquire practical tools necessary for educators.

The participants of this track will expand their knowledge in debate theory and will learn how to transfer this knowledge in to suit the needs of any student. They will improve their judging skills. Last of all they will learn the basics of pedagogy by furthering their teaching techniques. The uniqueness of this track lies in combination of the methods of instruction; it will be combination of participatory lectures, individual or small group work, observation of the trainings given by experienced trainers (within MTT) and being a real-life coach of one of the mixed teams (MTT).

This is what Ignacio Evans, Towson University, participant of the track in 2007 thinks about the tracks:
“I believe this track took it a step feather and tried to shape our individual debate realities by helping us to find ways to address issues we face locally. There was agreement in the lab that by using the teaching methods employed here, we can change the world.”.