Participants with disabilities

Students with disabilities are under represented in debating, something which we hope to counter with this years Global Youth Forum. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding students with disabilities and the Global Youth Forum. If your query is not answered below, please get in touch with Youth Forum Director, Steven Nolan who will be able to give you further information. 

Can students with mobility issues or physical disabilities attend?

Yes, we welcome students who have difficulties in relation to their mobility. We are working to ensure that every venue is fully accessible, and will have a number of accessible accommodation spaces available. 

Can visually impaired students attend the Global Youth Forum?

Yes, and we will be working to ensure that all curriculum material is available in a format which can be converted to braille reader. 

Can students with hearing impairment attend the Global Youth Forum?

We are working on a plan for the inclusion of hearing impaired students at the Global Youth Forum, and are seeking any input those who are affected by hearing impairment might have on the inclusion of hearing impaired students in the forum. We are committed to working to open the forum to the hearing impaired community, and increasing their participation in debating. 

Can students with intellectual disabilities attend the Global Youth Forum?

There will not be additional teaching capabilities to deal with students with severe intellectual disabilities, as you will know your capabilities/the participants capabilities best, we would leave the decision for attendance to you. IDEA is committed to working with students with intellectual disabilities, and we would encourage educators and groups who work in this area to contact IDEA UK for opportunities related to youth empowerment and the development of speaking and reasoning skills.

There is an additional cost associated with my attendance because of my disability, is there assistance for this?

Yes, we will have funds available to assist with additional costs, for example the cost of resources at the forum, or the costs associated with the attendance of a care giver, interpreter or other person.

If you require any more information, or have input on this page, and the information on it, please contact Steven Nolan