Coaches & Judges Track: A session on refutation

The Coaches & Judges Track (CJT) helps experienced debaters transition into being coaches, judges, trainers or debate program developers. It also helps current coaches become even better in their teaching, coaching, judging and leadership skills. 
We have visited the Track and recorded a discussion on refutation, led by Lazar Pop Ivanov, one of the CJT trainers for this year. Lazar is a trainer from Macedonia who has been to the Youth Forum as a debater, coach and, for the past 4 years, as a trainer. Having been through all Youth Forum roles, he is one of the best available trainers to guide debaters and coaches into the new phase of their debating career. Lazar is also a successful universities debater, having won the Budapest Open this year.


The other Coaches & Judges Track trainer, Elvira Rakhmail, is a secondary school teacher from Kazakhstan and has got more than 10 years of experience in debates in different capacities: as a debater, coach, organizer and trainer. She has participated in several YF already in various tracks: IND, CJT, and MTT. 
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