Debaters' thoughts on prepared vs limited prep time motions

Debaters thoughts on prepared vs limited prep time motions

The Karl Popper Debate Championship theme for this year is Securing liberty. There are two prepared motions (topics) for the competition: “State-sanctioned torture is justifiable in exceptional circumstances.” and “Guantanamo Bay prison should be closed down immediately”. Apart from debating on these two prepared motions, debaters taking part in KPDC also need to debate on limited time preparation motions. After the motion has been announced, all debate teams have 45 minutes to prepare for the debate.

The first limited prep time motion of this year's KPDC was that it is justified to monitor friends and family of convicted terrorists.

We catched up with team Lithuania after the debate, while they were waiting for the judges to make their call, to ask them which motions they like more. Watch the videos to find out.

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