Global Youth Forum to be held in Galway, Ireland

It is with great regret that we have to announce a change of venue for the 2013 Global Youth Forum. As you will know, the forum was scheduled to take place in Jeju at the North London Collegiate School, and a large amount of work had already been started on ensuring the best possible experience for participants, coaches and trainers.

Unfortunately an unforeseeable clash of dates outside of NLCS Jeju's control has occurred, which makes the hosting of the competition outside of Ramadan impossible. As a result, we have taken the decision to move the forum to NUI Galway, where it will be hosted by the Literary and Debating Society. The information on this website has been updated to reflect this change.

We would like to express again that the change of venue has been driven by outside factors, and would like to thank Peter Daly, principal of NLCS Jeju, and his team, including Frank Hardee, Mark Pearce and Daniel Kim for their assistance and hard work on the forum.

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