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The young people are debating to change the world

Over 250 participants from 35 countries are at Iberoamericana University to be part of the eighteenth edition of IDEA Youth Forum, this time the theme is “Securing Liberty”, which commemorates the ten years of the attack to the Twin Towers in the United States.

A total of 30 teams will compete during the next 15 days.

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“Youth from around the world discuss global issues at Ibero”

Guantanamo Bay prison should be closed down immediately is one of the topics that young people from different parts of the world will debate.

The Iberoamericana León University is the proud host of the ideas from the participants of IDEA Youth Forum on the second day of activities.

Im glad that there is such

Im glad that there is such organization that encourage and motivates the youth to engage into something worth it, something with sense and something that would make them a better person. - Douglas Andrew

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