IND Track: Ethnic profiling case building workshop

Chris Baugh discusses case building on ethnic profiling with a group of International New Debaters track participants.
Chris Baugh is a programme assistant for the Open Society Youth Initiative in London. Chris gained a BSc in Social Policy and Sociology from the London School of Economics, having taken several courses and a special interest in criminal justice issues. Chris also worked with the university’s Widening Participation team throughout his time at university, aiming to increase the number of state school students applying to the institution.
Chris coordinates the ‘My City Real World’ project; a collaborative project seeking to empower young people in their relationship with police and the criminal justice system in Europe. Chris works closely with the Youth Iniative’s European partners on the delivery of debate-based models of youth engagement on the continent, as well as supporting other innovative projects, which engage young people in meaningful and proactive ways. Chris supported the development of the StopWatch Youth campaign group, which pushes the UK government and other relevant institutions to ensure fair and effective use of police powers of stop and search.

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