KPDC 2012: The results

KPDC 2012: The results

As Team Pakistan celebrates their victory at KPDC 2012, we present the first twenty teams of the preliminary rounds of this year's tournament. The full team and speaker tabs are published after the end of the Youth Forum.

1 USA AHL6151.316,00 
2 Pakistan5151.331,81 
3 Japan5121.234,00 
4 Estonia4131.278,00 
5 Korea4121.301,00 
6 Team Senorita4111.285,00 
7 Lithuania4111.283,00 
8 OPPA4111.196,00 
9 YOLO491.253,00 
10 Mexico A491.237,00 
11 Team Panda3121.208,00 
12 Tunisia3111.231,00 
13 Team Sunly3111.097,00 
14 Mexico B3101.172,00 
15 Team BoA391.203,00 
16 Korea NLCS A381.188,00 
17 Rositam381.181,00 
18 Korea NLCS C371.178,00 
19 Ingsoc371.141,00 
20 Zimbabwe291.212,00 

You can see the bracket of the elimination rounds below or download a larger version (JPEG).

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