KPDC finals are underway

After a rough day, the six rounds of the  Karl Popper Debate Championship ended. The teams that finished with the highest score were 16: Lituania, México A, México B, Corea, Túnez, Pakistán, Estonia, Estados Unidos AHL, Corea NLCS A, Japón, Señorita (Canadá), Team Sunnly (Canadá), Boa (Canadá), Panda (Estados Unidos), OPPA (California) y YOLO (California).

The octofinal’s topic is “All the suspects of terrorism should be judged in a civilian court, instead of militar court”

Also, today are going to be the quarterfinals and the semifinals, for this reason the teams should organize their agendas to achieve a better performance in the preparation of their positions

Good luck to all the teams!

This could certainly be a

This could certainly be a great event to watch out and to look forward. I just hope that all things will end successfully. - Ellerslie Mission Society

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