Lithuania wins the WKPDC 2013!

Team Lithuania (Bartulis, Kavaliunaite and Mickus) won the World Karl Popper Debate Championship 2013 against the team Pakistan B (Nasir, Haider and Khan) at the 19th edition of the Global Youth Forum held in Galway, Ireland from 13-26 august. The finals took place in the Kirwan Lecture Theatre at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

The Grand Finale's motion was "Universities should make all academic work they produce, including scholarly articles, course handbooks and recorded lectures, available to the general public."

Lithuanian team was defending the motion while the team Pakistan B was opposing it. Lithuania won on a 6-3 split.

Teams Estonia (Lember, Oidingu and Perijainen) and AofHL B (Hahn, Li and Suk) made to the semifinals. 

When it comes to speaker rankings, Zainab Hamid is the top speaker of the WKPDC second year in a row. Here is the full list of 10 top speakers at the WKPDC 2013:

Zainab Hamid Pakistan

Simona Sarafinovska Macedonia

Ahmed Suhujaan Gondal Pakistan

Sunmin Park Canada B

Christina Seong Canada B

Vikki Perijainen Estonia

Azeem Liaquat Pakistan

Muhammad Hasan Qaiser Khan Pakistan

Rebecca Heilweil USA

Taylor Li USA AofHL


You can watch the full final debate here.