Mexico says goodbye to KPDC 2012

Mexico says goodbye to KPDC 2012

After facing Lithuania team in the octofinals, Mexico participants were defeated debating the topic: “All the terrorist suspects should be judged by civilians courts and not by military courts”.

Egle Kavaliunate, a young Lithuanian debater, showed his posture against the topic and he stood out for the structure of his arguments and the fluency of the english language. His theory was based in universal history and human rights.

However, judges said that the victory was given because of the team organization and not by the way they express themselves, because when it comes to the quality of the debate “Mexico had razed to the ground with them”.

Lucía Arce, Jesús Correa and Guillermo Tamayo, Mexico team members, showed their sadness when they found out about their failure and commented that they were hoping to get to the big finals, but they didn´t get it because the posture they had didn´t benefit their arguments.

The teams in the quarterfinals are: Japan, Estonia, Lithuania, Pakistan, United States of America, Corea, “Team Señorita (Canada) and “YOLO” (California).

All the teams expect to get to the next round, but only four of them would achieve this goal.

-Alejandra Padilla Padilla

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