Mixed Teams Track: How to use evidence

Watch Anna Karolin and Stella Agara train in the Mixed Teams Track of Youth Forum 2012. The session we've recorded for you deals with the use of evidence within debates.


About the trainers
Stella Agara is a self motivated, fun-loving, trustworthy and diligent Kenyan lady with excellent analytical skills, a fast learner with high conceptualization ability. She has a legal training background and has been a debater since her years in high school. She is currently a programmes manager at the Africa Youth Trust, a trust registered in Kenya with an Africa wide mandate to promote Youth Led Approach to Governance and Development processes.

Stella has had experience debating, coaching debates and judging (KPDC tracks). She was the IDEA Youth Forum 2011 recipient of the Coaches and Judges Track Spirit Award. Stella believes that debate is a way of life; she has excellent interpersonal skills, is adaptable and willing team player, can engage in excellent communication in English and Swahili and is an eloquent orator. She enjoys dancing, debating, storytelling and acting as her hobbies.

Anna Karolin, from Estonia, has been involved in debating for about nine years and has been mostly occupied with training and judging activities in Estonia and elsewhere. She was the head of university debating of the Estonian Debating Society. This year's event is Anna's 7th Youth Forum. 

About the Mixed Teams Track
The Mixed Team Track (MTT) has been the core of the Youth Forum since its beginning. Believing in its true virtue of multiculturalism, we create a nurturing atmosphere to allow for an unforced exchange of ideas and standpoints to various issues of debate and areas of life.

After Karl Popper Debate Championship (KPDC) organizers divide student debaters into international (or “mixed”) teams, assuring the greatest national, linguistic and debate experience diversity of each team. This team works together on preparing a new set of topics with an international team of debate coaches and trainers.

The teams attend various sessions and work individually with their coaches and trainers. The emphasis of  this track is on international cooperation and learning rather than competition. Students will improve their debating and public speaking skills and learn about case construction, argumentation and refutation, cross examination and delivery.

The MTT ends with the Mixed Teams Tournament where the students put their skills to the test. We will be covering the tournament live on!

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