Mixed Teams Track: Tournament Results

Team Avada Kedavra, consisting of Ahmed Shujjan, Paul K. Lee and Danny Kim, are this year's Mixed Teams Tournament winners.

As the Affirmative side of the motion that Ethnic profiling to fight crime is justified, they beat the 'A-Team' (Faiq Habash, Chang Ki Hong and Zuzana Butorova) on a 7-2 vote by the final adjudication panel that was chaired by Macedonia's Lazar Pop Ivanov.

Both teams qualified to the finals after winning their semifinals on 3-2 splits.

Zainab Hameed from Pakistan won the Best Speaker award. She had also won the KPDC 2012 Best Speaker Award at the beginning of the forum.

See the links below for the full tournament results. We will upload the final and full tournament brackets shortly.

MTT2012-TeamTab.pdf40.38 KB
MTT2012-SpeakerTab.pdf45.8 KB
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