MTT and BPT Break Announcements

After 6 preliminatory rounds, here are the teams who break into quarterfinals of the MTT:

- Hakuna Matata 

- Taylor's Angels 

- Manos Moschopoulos 

- Steven Nolan

- The Victorious Lads

- Tony Hammond

- Not so Anonymous A's

- Porque Si 

In the quarterfinals, we are streaming the following debates:

Room 1: Taylor's Angels versus Not so Anonymous A's

Room 2: Manos Moschopolous versus Tony Hammond

Room 3: Steven Nolan versus The victory lads

The motion for the MTT semifinals is "All publicly funded organisations and bodies should exclusively use open-source software when available."  


Room 1: Steven Nolan versus Hakuna Matata

Room 2: Not so Anonymous A's versus Manos Moschopoulos

After 6 preliminatory rounds, here are the teams who break into semifinals of the BPT:

- Lithistan 2

- Lithistan 3

- Mr. Potato

- You're a wizard Harry

- Lithistan 1

- The Grizzlies

- Legally Blondes

- Jager

The motion for semifinals of the BPT is "THW ban extremist religious web sites."

Room 1:

Opening Government: Lithistan 1

Opening Opposition: Jager

Closing Government: Lithistan 2

Closing Opposition: You're a wizard, Harry

Room 2:

Opening Government: Lithistan 3

Opening Opposition: The Grizzlies

Closing Government: Legally blondes

Closing Opposition: Mr. Potato

The motion for the Grand Finale of British Parliamentary Track is "THBT digital communication is more important to humanity than face-to-face in person communication." 

Opening Government: Mr Potato

Opening Opposition: Lithistan 2

Closing Government: Lithistan 3

Closing Opposition: Lithistan 1

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