Pakistan wins KPDC 2012

Pakistan wins KPDC 2012

Team Pakistan, Zainab Hameed, Azeem Liaquaat and Ahmed Shujjan, won the Karl Popper Debate Championship against team Korea, Yoonjoe Sul, Peter Kim and Korea Helen Song at the 18th edition of IDEA Youth Forum held in Mexico from 2-15 July. The finals took place in the Teatro Juarez, or Juarez Theater, in the city of Guanajuato. The Teatro Juarez is considered to be one of the most beautiful theaters in all of Mexico.

This year's topic for the KPDC finals was:

“Guantanamo Bay prison should be closed down immediately” .

Team Pakistan was defending the motion while team Korea had the burden to prove that we should not adopt the motion.

"Debate is not only about winning and losing.  You have been here the last few days to exchange ideas, make friends, and learn, and debate is the method in which we do that" - said Logandran Balavijendran, Chief Adjudicator of KPDC 2012.

Pakistani debaters and their coaches faced a lot of difficulties while coming to Mexico, such as the visa process and delayed or missed flights, but they are more than happy to be part of the IDEA Youth Forum and the Karl Popper Debate Championship.

"We´ve never seen such wonderful people, such a wonderful tournament.  We are very glad to be here.  Thank you."

"It is our first time ever at the IDEA Youth Forum and the amount of support that we have had here is unbelievable from Mexico and around the world, and we just want to thank you.  Viva Mexico!" - said Daniyal Asad, the coach of Team Pakistan.

More than 200 participants coming from 45 countries are participating in IDEA Youth Forum. 21 debate teams took part in KPDC 2012 over 6 preliminary rounds, 3 elimination rounds and the grand final.

"Thank you all for being here.  Please do not forget Mexico. Mexico is your home (now); you are always welcome and we hope we will see you again." - said Roberto Carlos Gutierrez, the Executive Director of IDEA Mexico.

Not only did Team Pakistan win the final, but all of the three team members found their place in the top 10 speakers of KPDC 2012. Zainab Hameed from Pakistan finished the tournament as the top speaker of KPDC 2012. Here is the list of the top ten speakers:

  1. Zainab Hameed, Pakistan
  2. Azeem Liaquaat, Pakistan 
  3. David Yoo, USA AHL 
  4. Brian Chang, USA AHL 
  5. Ahmed Shujjan, Pakistan 
  6. Simonas Bartulis, Lithuania 
  7. Yoonjoe Sul, Korea  
  8. Christina Seong, Team Senorita 
  9. Helen Song, Korea  
  10. Lucia Arce, Mexico A 

During the 45 minute break, while the judges were making their decision, all participants had the opportunity to enjoy the ballet specially prepared for them by the Juarez Theater. The dancing performance took the audience through a historical trip of Mexico, its culture and diversity.

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