Relive KPDC 2012: Debates now on Youtube

As we're getting ready for the final day at Centro Fox, where we will be joined by former President of Mexico Vicente Fox to celebrate the achievement of all educational tracks, we have prepared a playlist with the debates we livestreamed and recorded at this year's Karl Popper Debate Championships. Watch it here or visit the Youtube playlist.

The debates available online are:

  1. Pakistan vs South Korea
  2. Pakistan vs Lithuania
  3. Team Senorita Canada vs Japan
  4. United States AHL vs South Korea NCLS A
  5. Team BoA vs Pakistan
  6. Lithuania vs Pakistan
  7. Palestine vs Slovakia
  8. Korea NLSC B vs Haiti
  9. Mexico A vs Pakistan
  10. South Korea NLCS A vs Lithuania
  11. Macedonia vs Belarus
  12. USA AHL vs Estonia
  13. Slovakia vs Guatemala
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