Students from Lithuania and Pakistan win BPT

Team “Lithistan 3”, comprised of Egle Kavaliunaite from Lithuania and Ahmed Shujaan from Pakistan won the 2013 British Parliamentary Tournament after an interesting final against teams “Mr Potato” (Petar Ivanovski - Macedonia and Katliin Lember - Estonia), “Lithistan 1” (Justinas Mickus - Lithuania and Zainab Hamid - Pakistan) and “Lithistan 2” (Simonas Bartulis - Lithuania and Azeem Liaquat - Pakistan). The motion was "THBT digital communication is more important to humanity than face-to-face in person communication."

Here you can watch the full video of the BPT final. 

Teams “You’re a wizard, Harry” (Filip Bujaroski - Macedonia and Vikki Perijainen - Estonia), “The Grizzlies” (Ronan O'Gorman - Ireland and Endrit Dibrani - Kosovo), “Legally Blondes” (Adriana Panait - Romania and Rebecca Heilweil - USA) and “Jager” (Amanda Hertz - USA and Vukan Markovic - Serbia) made to the semifinals.

When it comes to speaker ranking, Simonas Bartulis is the top speaker of this year’s BP Tournament. Here is the full list of top 10 speakers:

Simonas Bartulis

Ahmed Shujaan

Egle Kavaliunaite

Azeem Liaquat

Sunmin Park

Rebecca Heilweil

Toryn Rogers

Amanda Hertz

Katliin Lember

Vikki Perijainen

About the British Parliamentary Track:

This year’s BPT was focused on the differences between two- and four-team debating, the unique roles and responsibilities of each speaker in a BP round, how to prepare and defend cases, the organization and structure of a BP round and advanced strategy and tactics for BP debating.