Students from Pakistan, the Netherlands and Vietnam win MTT

Team "Manos Moschopoulos", comprised of Muhammad Hasan from Pakistan, Rimke de Kroon from the Netherlands and Bao Uyen from Vietnam, won the 2013 Mixed Teams Tournament in a 5-2 split decision, after an exciting final against team "Hakuna Matata", comprised of Christina Seong from Canada, Sammie Verbeek from the Netherlands and Salma Omari from Palestine. The motion of the final was that the right to anonymous posting on the Internet should be protected by law.

Muhammad Hasan also won the Best Speaker award of the Mixed Teams tournament, followed by Daniyal Nasir from Pakistan and Bradley Freeman from the United States.

The final adjudication panel was comprised of:

  • Scott Thomson, Chair of the panel, Director of Forensics and Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Ithaca College, NY
  • Sharon Porter, former Vice-President of the American Forensic Association, President of Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha and President of the National Parliamentary Debate Association
  • Christopher Sanchez, Chairman of the Debating Society of Germany, WSDC 2012 Final judge
  • Maria Keenan, Former Auditor of the Literary and Debating Society, NUI Galway
  • Borika Krushareva, Coach of the Macedonian team that broke first at the WKPDC
  • Eszter Eva Ronai, Founding Member of the Debating Society of Hungary, Coach of the WSDC Hungary team
  • Sergei Naumoff, Associate Professor of Political Science at St. Petersburg Herzen University
About the Mixed Teams Track

The Mixed Team Track (MTT) has been the core of the Youth Forum since its beginning. Believing in its true virtue of multiculturalism, we create a nurturing atmosphere to allow for an unforced exchange of ideas and standpoints to various issues of debate and areas of life.

After Karl Popper Debate Championship (KPDC) organizers divide student debaters into international (or “mixed”) teams, assuring the greatest national, linguistic and debate experience diversity of each team. This team works together on preparing a new set of topics with an international team of debate coaches and trainers.

Following the preparation phase, international mixed teams enter the International Debate Tournament, which is similar to the KPDC; the only difference being that debating teams do not represent their nations. The MTT is open for all students who will continue high school after attending the Forum.


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Great Success

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