Watch live debates from WKDPC 2013!

World Karl Popper Debate Championship 2013 is now oficially started.

The motion for the first 2 rounds is  "Actively circumventing Internet censorship is a legitimate foreign policy tool." 

These are the debates we streamed in the first round :

Room 1: TyMy and Friends versus AofHL B

Room 2: Texas versus Japan

Room 3: Team North America versus Tunisia 1

In the second round, we were streaming the following debates:

Room 1: YEF Macedonia versus Enda's

Room 2: Japan versus Vietnam

Room 3: Hunter College versus Estonia

Third round was on limited time prep motion "Targeted online advertising based on user profiles and demographics should be banned". 

We streamed these debates:

Room 1: Team 38 versus Canada Pearson

Room 2: Tunisia 2 versus Hunter College

Room 3: Pakistan B versus Estonia 

Motion for round 4 was "Employers should be banned from checking applicants' Facebook and other social media profiles." 

These are the debates we streamed:

Room 1: YEF Macedonia versus Team North America

Room 2: AofHL B versus Texas

Room 3: Tunisia 1 versus Team 38


Motion for the last two rounds is "Universities should make all academic work they produce, including scholarly articles, course handbooks and recorded lectures, available to the general public."

In the round 5, we streamed the following debates:

Room 1: Pakistan B versus Peach

Room 2: Team 36 versus Tunisia 1

Room 3: Kosovo 1 versus Team North America

In round 6, these are the debates we are streaming:

Room 1: Lithuania versus YEF Macedonia

Room 2: AofHL B versuss Canada Dallaire

Room 3: Team 38 vs Team 36. Break announcements will start at 12.30, stay tuned to find out which teams are breaking to the octofinals. 

You can watch the debates here. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to catch up the latest news about Global Youth Forum 2013!