Youth Forum: Missing preparation time not an obstacle on road to BP champions

Youth Forum: Missing preparation time not an obstacle on road to BP champions

This year's IDEA Youth Forum British Parliamentary Tournament (BPT) champions are team “The Blue Cheese Brigade” compose of David Yoo from the USA and Masahiro Kusunoki from Japan. David and Masahiro met for the first time at the Forum. They have never been working together as a debate partners before which as David told us it’s the best experience he had at the Forum this year.


The motion for the BPT final debate was "This house believes that the US should deprioritise maintaining its position as the most dominant global power."

David and Masahiro received their medals and awards from Mr. Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico.

Find out what David told us about his feeling after debating BP format for the first time and winning his first BP tournament at IDEA Youth Forum. How you feel after winning the BPT at IDEA Youth Forum especially because this is your first time debating this format?

David: At first I was confused and didn't really know whether I did win. Sharmilla announced that the winners were "Closing opposition" rather than our team name: The Blue Cheese Brigade. So I didn't really realize that we've won until everyone turned to look at us. It felt great, I was quite surprised, pleasantly, and I felt great because I was able to succeed with a partner I have never worked with in my life and that I've met on the Forum. I think cooperating with Masa was perhaps the best experiences that I have had at the Forum this year.  How difficult was to adapt to the new format?

David: It was particularly difficult for me to adapt to the new forum because BP is all about being able to think on the spot and make sure you flush out your ideas quickly in the limited time that you have to prepare and speak. It was evident that my adaptation was something I needed to work on since I was not able to win any speaker awards, but nevertheless a good learning experience. Which part you miss the most from Karl Popper format in BP debate format?

David: I miss the preparation time in KPDC. Really do. How useful was the BP track and how the lab helps you to get familiar with the format?

David: The BP lab was great. Sharmila, Tate, and Steve did a remarkable job being able to clearly outline all the steps necessary to be a good BP debater. It was also very entertaining, at least for me, and I was able to pay attention most of the time.

This year’s BPT focused on the differences between two- and four-team debating, the unique roles and responsibilities of each speaker in a BP round, how to prepare and defend cases, the organization and structure of a BP round and advanced strategy and tactics for BP debating. Every effort was made to connect the training to the style of debate practiced at the World Championships and at intervarsity tournaments around the world.

Additionally was offered a session on how to run a debate club, recruit members and run competitions: skills very much needed in the world of university debating.

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