Youth Forum in the press

Youth Forum in the press

The IDEA Youth Forum is in México and it has been covered by the most important local newspapers. It was announced on the first page of the AM, while local newspapers Heraldo and Milenio also carry extensive coverage of the event. 


Local newspaper AM starts their coverage with our opening ceremony at the UIAC in the Universidad Iberoamericana León. Afterwards it decribes the topics that Forum participants are going to debate in the Karl Popper Debate Championship. They add some references to the speeches of the Governor and the Executive Director of IDEA London.  The newspaper also refers to the mariachi surprisefor the participants.

In another article they feature some of the comments that the debaters have about México and the opening ceremony.



Heraldo also discusses the event and the opening ceremony, as well as the topics that are going to be debated by the participants in the KPDC.



Milenio features quotes from the speeches of the Governor and the Director of the University.

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